Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Warm Bodies

Background information: In May I turned 18. I was expecting to move to Billings, Montana for school in August, however my plans for college fell apart and I remained in my home town. I started working as a cashier at the local WalMart a few days later.

With my newest job, I've seen people I know who love me, and people I know who hate me. I've seen people who I've had classes with but never spoken to, and people I've heard about but never met. Sometimes I talk to those people, other times I don't. However, I've experienced something I hadn't experienced before with either my time at the library or my job at the roller rink. I'm just a warm body that's helping someone. I make no physical impact on their life and they make none on mine. How often do you catch your cashier's name? When I shop at the store down the road I know all the cashiers. But it's because I've been shopping there for years and have had a chance to learn them all. Heck even then, when one quit at that store and became my manager at the roller rink I had no clue who she was, I just recognized her. We don't realize that the people who help us, weather it be cashiers, store aids, police officer, DMV employees, ect. aren't acknowledged. Sure we might say their name once during an interaction because it's on their name tag, but other wise we hardly acknowledge their existence. We treat people who help us as warm bodies, but we never really treat them properly.