Thursday, November 13, 2014

Social Experiments Guys Vs. Girls: Makeup

In my school, I am known as a very anti-makeup person. This month is No Makeup November. Perfect for a person like me who hates wearing makeup unless it's for shows or whatever else. Well today I decided that I wanted to wear makeup to see what people's reactions were. It was still very light with a champagne colour eyeshadow and a pale pink lipstick. My friend who until it warms up again has been giving me rides to school noticed because he said my lips became extremely shiny. At school my ex-girlfriend instantly noticed and said it made my eyes pop out more. When I was outside talking with my friends the girls all mentioned that it looked lovely. A guy friend of mine came up and gave me a hug. He turned to leave before quickly turning around and whispering that I was wearing makeup. I left for my collage course where no one said anything. When I returned to the school my friend in charge of our Gay Straight Alliance mentioned it. At my friends locker where he and I were talking he did a double take on first glance at me. At lunch, a guy who has seen me in my show make up before, noticed and was quite surprised. After lunch no one really important existed until my final class of the day. I'm sitting in the band room with people who have seen my entire face painted with blues and purples for marching band and no one pays any attention. After class I'm talking to a friend and it took him five minutes to realize that I was wearing makeup and the only reason he figured it out was another girl in the color guard mentioned that it looked lovely. My former female boss noticed while my former male boss did not.
Observations from to day says that females notice things quicker than guys do. That may be an awkward statement but it's true. All together I talked with nearly 300 people today and it took the girls less than a minute and the guys slightly longer than the girls to realize that I was wearing makeup.
Sure I despise makeup with a passion because it ruins your natural beauty, but that doesn't mean that in small amounts it isn't worth wearing. Now while that may be true also realize that makeup is not only hiding your natural beauty, but it also is hiding the truth of who you are.

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