Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This week is national grief awareness week. This is a difficult week for many youth to deal with. There are hundreds and thousands of teenagers who have lost someone important to them. It's important for us to recognize that grief is one of the worst feelings a teen can deal with. Personally I lost my best friend to suicide two years ago. I know that grief is difficult, but I also know that it happens. Understand that grief is common, and everyone deals with it in their own way. This week at my high school, we started the week by rambling about something to do with makeup and the fact that we shouldn't wear it. Then the marching band preformed part of their marching shows ballad to raise awareness of grief. Tomorrow, in honor of grief awareness, the school encourages their students to wear blue.
Back to grief though, grief is a terrible stressor in any teenagers life. It does not matter who it was that the student is grieving for. Every person deals with grief in their own way, and unfortunately because of that, it is sometimes difficult to help. If a friend is suffering try to help them out.

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