Monday, March 31, 2014

A Small Lesson That I think Is Important For Everyone To Know

I'm watching Foster's, and if you haven't ever seen the show I highly recommend it. Now, in the theme song, there's two lines: It's not where you come from. It's where your going.

It's not where you come from.
If you are someone who is an out cast weather it be because of your sexual preference, gender identity, skin colour, or place of birth then this line is mostly meant for you. It's not where you come from in any meaning. You could be anyone from anywhere and it's just fine. You're who you want to be so stay that way.

It's where your going.
No matter where you came from, you could be going in any direction. Weather it's saving the world, curing cancer, or writing the next best selling novel you are perfect the way you are.

So, no it doesn't matter where you came from and what your past is like, it's what your plan for the feature is. Find something that's important to you and go with it. You can only be yourself when you're happy.

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