Monday, December 23, 2013

The Suicide Talk Rant. (Inspidred because of my best friend)

So you decided that you were going to go off and tell someone that they should just go and die in a hole? Why though just so you could feel better about yourself? I've known plenty of people who actually followed through with their suicide threats. You think you know what their life is like? Well it's very clear that you don't because you would have never said that if you did. What if they were just looking for one more excuse to go and actually kill themselves? It'd be considered your fault. Do you really want that? Now let's put you in their shoes. Pretend that you get yelled at every night by your parents to do things that you really don't want to do. Pretend that you get abused and bullied by your siblings. Pretend that school is a safe place for you and then someone who you barely know comes up to you and says "go die in a hole bitch." School's no longer safe, your house isn't safe. You don't know where you'll be safe again but you know that you want to feel safe. It seems too late though. What if a guy seemed to be the strongest guy on earth. What if he was being bullied. What if he had been bullied since he started kindergarten. What if he was in a bad home situation? What if you said one nasty thing about his height, hair color, eyes, personality, ect. What if the next day he was gone. Imagine how his family and friends are feeling. How are you feeling? What if these both actually happened to someone you knew. Would you think twice about saying something?

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