Tuesday, December 24, 2013


So you decided to label the poor girl who can barely talk in front of the class as freak. She has a really high anxiety level and her family is forcing her to try out for the school musical's lead part. That girl wearing all black and crying, you label her as emo. Her best friend just committed suicide after he saved her life a few years before. She found out over Facebook. That boy you just called faggot. His family is homophobic and he's scared to come out to them because they'll kick him out. That football player that lives a perfect life that you hate, he's being beaten at home. The popular girl who just called you a slut, she lost her virginity, and is trying to figure out how to tell her boyfriend and her parents that she's pregnant. You may think that the people around you can be narrowed down to just one thing but they can't. That girl with the blue hair who listens to all that alternative music, she's an amazing friend who  is just trying to be herself. That guy you just told to go kill himself, he had been writing a list of ten different ways to kill himself for weeks; you just pushed him over his breaking point. The people around you have complicated stories so before you label them ask them or walk away.

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