Monday, December 23, 2013


Many people say that holiday's are the best time of the year because you get to be reunited with your families. What about those people who's families have decided that they're not good enough or that they are a freak. I'm going to tell you a little story about my mom and then I'll explain why I don't like holiday's with my family by mentioning a few things about the rest of my family.
My mom kidnapped me when I was 4 after walking out on us. When I was 5 courts decided that I was to live with her. When I was six she got engaged to step-dad #3 and we moved in with him. When I was 7 he started sexually abusing me. When I was 8 my mom found out about him sexually abusing me. When I was 9 the cops were called for the first time. When I was 10 the second. When I was 11 one of my friend found out and reported it. From the time I was 8-10 they beat me and locked me in my room just because I wanted to go outside for some fresh air. She refused to let me read, or live a life. I wasn't allowed to have friends. When her mom bailed her out of jail the day after I turned 12, she got married to dad #4. Few months later they split, she went to Vegas and married dad #5. A few weeks later they split and she married dad #6. I'm pretty sure I'm on dad #9 now but I'm not fully sure. She's proudly admitted to my face that I was a mistake and that I was never supposed to exist.
Now think about my entire family as close minded, homophobic, Christians who insist that you also be Christian and you'll have my family. I personally believe more in the Pagan views. Holidays haven't ever been pleasant because all my family tries to do is change me. Maybe I'm happy being who I am.

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